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  1. Dear Istanbul Urban Movements!!

    I’m a Danish photographer and I’m working on an image section for a book about the contemporary Turkish novel for the Danish audience.

    I want the images to give an impression of various aspects of modern Turkish life. And one of the aspects I really want to present is the hideous building boom in Istanbul. That is why I have investigated your website with great interest.

    I wonder if you could help me to point out a place where elderly houses are being destructed end new houses being build instead??

    It is important, that both elements are rather close to make the viewer of the picture feel the tension.
    I’m interested in places as well in the city as in areas of the suburb.
    It could be Tarlabasi if new houses are built near by??

    This time I’ll be to Istanbul from the 22 to 29 of February.
    I would really appreciate your help and it may serve to make a larger international audience aware of your cause

    Yours sincerely

    MAJ SKIBSTRUP / Mag.Art, PhD, Photographer
    http://www.majskibstrup.com / majskib@mail.dk / +45 39906306 +45 20778348

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